How We Grow

Sunset Farm produces a variety of vegetables and herbs on just under 1 acre of land. We began farming our land in 2018 after purchasing the property from a horse boarder. To our knowledge, there has been no pesticide use on the property and we intend to keep it that way. We invite questions about our  processes here on the farm!


Our main goals in production are to operate sustainably, transparently, and organically. 


We use no till and shallow till methods that do not disturb the soil beds and preserve the soil's ecosystem.   


We use organic methods. We do not use any chemical pesticides on our property. We do not use synthetic fertilizers. We nurture our soil through natural amendments and the use of cover crops. We are not yet certified organic, but we follow all standards in preparation for our application in the near future. We have applied to be Certified Naturally Grown.


We are also committed to eliminating our use of single use plastic on our farm. We use compostable packaging, reusable weed fabric, and recyclable materials.   

Free range means free range. Our flock of around 100 laying hens always have access to multiple pastures. The presence of our donkeys and goats help protect them from predators. 

Sunset Farm 

1057 Andrew Mountain Road 

Naugatuck, Connecticut 


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